Overheard at The Summit: 3 Easy CRM Trigger Campaigns

Our team was excited to attend The 2017 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit in Austin, TX this month. After each conference, we like to sit down for a “debrief” of what we learned, trending topics and key takeaways. During the conference debrief this week, the team brought back many of the usual topics. As we revisited our conversations with healthcare marketers regarding CRM, the one striking theme resonating from all team members was “easy CRM trigger campaigns.”

As we continued to share, it became clear that this is one area where marketers are looking for quick-win ideas to either jumpstart their CRM, reignite efforts or start down the path eventually to have evidence-based results demonstrating the value of a campaign. If the latter, those results can then be leveraged in the ask for a CRM implementation.

When looking at your patient dataset for ideas, a few which quickly come to mind, regardless of your stage in the CRM journey, are:

  • Lapsed Patients – extremely cost-effective campaigns to re-engage former patients and drive primary care provider (PCP) or specialty clinic volumes
  • ER Misusers – quickly begin driving low acuity cases away from emergency; can also be used to drive volumes for new urgent care options or align “unattached” patients with a PCP
  • Plan-Specific Option – target patients who have reached deductibles for elective services; effectively drive commercial volumes

Looking for others? Give the LionShare team a shout at 1-800-928-0712. There are plenty of ideas out there; keep feeding the funnel!

Tamara Cauton

Tamara is a Strategic Account Manager and brings to the table over 20 years of healthcare marketing experience. Her desire to “turn the cube”, coupled with her attention to detail and attitude consistently exceed client needs and expectations. She has developed, executed and analyzed community wellness and population health campaigns, brand audits, service line marketing campaigns, CRM strategies and New Mover Programs. Prior to joining the LionShare Marketing team, Tamara led account management services at another healthcare marketing firm and also spent time in account service at traditional advertising agencies.

Tamara earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas.

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