2017 HCIC Review: 3 Perspectives

Our team was excited to attend the recent 2017 Healthcare Internet Conference in Austin, TX. Since we had team members from so many different departments at this event, we were able to gain additional insights into what was presented and key takeaways. Below are our findings from the perspective of Account Service, Analytics, and Web Development.

Tamara Cauton, Account Director

One very insightful session focused on content marketing.  While much has been said on the transition to digital as a primary channel, this session dug deep into content strategies and explored the proliferation of gateways into brands/organizations. Website visits are down 38% since 2010, so your website is less important than ever.  Instead, a significant portion of initial brand engagement is happening outside your site at those top of the funnel entry points (e.g. FB, Twitter, YouTube). That’s where you need to be.

Another great session featured a panel of c-level leadership from the top CRM companies.  It was inspiring to hear these different perspectives and thoughts regarding the future of CRM, from opportunities to challenges. There were many great takeaways from this panel, but there was universal consensus on these two challenges for CRM companies:

  1. The growth of Digital Marketing Platforms (DMPs). While these one-off platforms can plug into your clinical data and then trigger marketing automation campaigns, they don’t always operate in a closed loop capacity (i.e. show ROI).
  2. The need to continue pulling in all players at the outset who will interface with the tool.  This includes c-level as well as service line leaders who will be benefiting from ensuing campaigns.

Justin Willis, DIATA Analyst

The session that really spoke to me discussed how we no longer live in a world where a company can send one email and walk away – it may take multiple touchpoints to get a patient engaged. Additionally, you are more likely to hit your target if you are pursuing customers from multiple avenues, not just email.

It may not be the first touch that drives someone toward an encounter; it may not even be the third touch that acquires a new patient. Maybe they receive the email, a postcard in the mail, a message on Facebook or Twitter, and then they drive by a billboard and everything just clicks. Multi-faceted marketing campaigns are most effective in a world that is constantly barraging us with information and stimuli.

Jonathan Goetz, Web Designer & Developer

A theme I noticed at the HCIC sessions I attended was an emphasis on the consumer and understanding consumer behavior. The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, for example, implemented a texting program that shared pre-op, op and post-op information with families. “How do you measure your ROI for this?”, one attendee asked. The answer was simple. They don’t. This program – along with a wayfinding program and an online community for kids and parents – was about bolstering consumer experience. (Though, reducing cancelled procedures and post-op ER visits was a very welcome byproduct.)

Another session shared the results of the MetroHealth System’s online feedback community. A site’s home page can attempt to achieve myriad goals set out by the provider, often appeasing provider departments begging for the prime real estate. But when you ask actual consumers what they want to see on that home page, the results are much more focused, task-oriented, and, frankly, more like MyChart. So, down with the embedded videos and up with the “Find a Doctor” and “Locations Near You” search boxes.

Lastly, and to Tamara’s point regarding a de-emphasis of the importance of a site, altogether, was Unity Point Health’s discovery of high click-to-call rates. Often in email marketing, the call to action will be something along the lines of, “Click here to learn more on our website, or call us at the number below to schedule an appointment.” Consumers will utilize a click-to-call CTA if you provide it. We look forward to running tests that explicitly separate the phone CTA from the web CTA and giving the former greater priority in the visual hierarchy of the email.

Want to hear more insights?  Give the LionShare team a shout at 1-800-928-0712. There are plenty of ideas out there; keep feeding the funnel!

Valerie Robertson

As an Account Manager on the Client Services team, Valerie strives to exceed client expectations. Prior to joining the LionShare team, Valerie built a solid foundation of communication and customer service focused experience through her work in the hospitality and marketing agency worlds. Valerie attended the University of Kansas to earn dual Bachelor degrees in English and Psychology, and has used that combination to meet the needs of her clients, and the patients and customers of those clients. With a passion for informing others, Valerie also contributes to the Social Media team at LionShare.

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