MyChart Activation Case Study

Increasing Activations to Healthcare Portal to Meet Meaningful Use



A large Midwestern academic medical center reached out to LionShare to increase MyChart activation so they could more effectively engage patients in their healthcare portal to meet Meaningful Use requirements and increase online payments through MyChart.

Integrated Solution

LionShare developed an automated marketing campaign based on receiving a weekly data feed of recent patient visits from the medical center. LionShare printed and mailed a direct mail piece with variable printing that included personalized instructions for signing up, including each patient’s MyChart access code and their medical record number so they could easily activate their MyChart account by having the required information at their fingertips. Subsequent communications were mailed to those who did not activate their portal after a 90-day period.

Success Criteria & Results

We saw a 14.1% activation rate in the mail group, which represents an almost 30% lift over the control group. Due to the additional communication to those who did not activate after 90 days, patient portal activations continued for months after their initial visit.



Patient satisfaction with the availability of lab test results increased from 30% to over 97% for those who were using MyChart.

Both patients and providers benefited from a reduction in time for providing test results.


The direct mail activation campaign cost was $4.78 per patient, as compared to the average mailing cost of $22.50 per patient invoice. This means that less than 20% of campaign responders using MyChart once to pay a bill would recoup the cost of the acquisition campaign. Any extra responders, or future users, could potentially save the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars from this MyChart activation campaign alone.

Success Criteria


1. Activation rate 14.1% activation rate in the mail group
2. Lift over control 30% lift in activation rate over the control group
3. Patient satisfaction Increase from 30% to over 97% for those using MyChart