Echo Email Case Study

Use of Echo Email Deployment Provides 29% Lift in Referring Physician Email Open Rate


In an effort to increase patient volumes, a healthcare system on the East Coast’s goal was to increase referrals to new physicians recently added to their network. The new physicians provided additional patient access in several key service lines including Family Medicine, Cardiovascular and Oncology.


Working with our client, LionShare strategically compiled an email list by targeting physician specialties in the area with the highest referral potential for the key service lines. LionShare creatively designed the HTML email to effectively promote the new physicians. In an effort to maximize results, the email was sent twice within a seven-day period utilizing an “echo” email tactic. The second, or ‘echo’ deployment, was only sent to those physicians who had not yet opened the initial email.



Through our strategic targeting efforts, the email campaign was deployed to 5,390 physicians, and was opened a total of 1,308 times, resulting in an open rate of 24.27%. If the campaign had stopped after the initial email, without an “echo” email deployment, the client would have only seen an open rate of 19%. By implementing an echo email tactic the campaign received a 29% lift in total open emails.

(Lift is calculated by taking the Total Open Rate minus the Original Open Rate and then dividing by the Original Open Rate)


In addition to tracking the number of opens our email campaigns receive, we also look at where those emails are being viewed. Knowing that our target audience of physicians are constantly on the move, we were not surprised to see most of our opens occur on mobile devices over desktop.

Platform Marketshare by Deployment

Looking deeper into the mobile device opens, we see most of those views are coming from iPhones. We can then use this data in the creative development phase of future campaigns to ensure our emails are optimized for the most popular devices.

Mobile Device Market Share