CVI Modeling Case Study

Cardio Vascular Propensity Modeling Yields Success


The system reached out to LionShare Marketing to drive more volume of “Medium to High” Risk individuals into their Cardio Vascular Institute and eliminate the “Low” Risk individuals. A Free Screening was used to attract them into the system. In addition, they wanted to increase their screenings from a monthly total of 8 per month to 16-20 screenings per month.

Integrated Solution

With DIATA, a propensity model was used to identify those most likely to be screened AND to also be a “High/Medium” Risk individual. The prospects were then scored based off the model and a direct mail piece was sent to the best targets every two weeks.


Patients and Market prospects were then given a score based on the analysis above. LionShare recommended target mail groups based on those records with scores which fell above the model index (meaning they were likely to be high performers). Control groups were included for each audience segment to test the validity of the campaign.

Success Criteria


An increase of 16 to 20 Screenings per month 35 Screenings per month
Find Medium to High Risk Individuals 92% of the Screenings were Medium to High Risk
Outperform the Control Group Top-scored mailed prospects utilized cardio screenings 38 times more than the control group
Positive Return on Investment ROI: For each $1.00 spent, the campaign generated $4.73